Fitness for Geeks

lrgI really like my Safari Bookshelf from O’Reilly Books.  I just started Fitness for Geeks to see if they cover some of the topics that I am interested in.  A short list of Bruce’s goals includes how to:

  • Learn to live in the modern digital world and still be physically vibrant
  • Examine apps and widgets for self-tracking various fitness issues
  • Zero in on carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals
  • Find and choose food, and learn when to eat and when to fast
  • Reboot your system through movement in the outside world
  • Select from more than a dozen techniques for your gym workout
  • Fuel fitness by focusing on the science of nutrition and supplements
  • Apply lifestyle hacks, such as high-intensity exercise and good stress


I have been using Steve Gibson’s utilities and services such as ShieldsUP! from back in the beginning of Internet Time.  My favorite recollection is actually exchanging emails on some point in the mid 90s.  I actually contributed in an extremely minor way!  I also remind myself that there are some solid lessons to learn from his website and from the various postings over the years from Steve and I recommend it for any serious student of Computer Science.  The comments are reminder that one is responsible for one’s own education and if one has the tools to check, one should.  I find both of these invaluable insights.

I had not tested my recent firewall at ShieldsUP and just did.  I also found the following:

Welcome to ShieldsUP!

If you have not visited for some time, please note that:

Our new Perfect Passwords facility is used by thousands of people every day to generate ultra-high-quality random passwords for securing WiFi and other services.

Our weekly Security Now! audio podcast has covered every security issue you might have. These mp3 audio files are freely downloadable, and since we have transcripts of every podcast, you can use our sitewide search to find any podcast by keyword.


The Art of Community

Jono Bacon
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The Art of Community by Jono Bacon

Art of Community Image

Bacon is the Community Manager for Ubuntu (Ubuntu), one of the largest open source software projects on the planet. In this book he talks about the ins and outs of building, cultivating and managing a community from the ground up. This is a must-read for anyone interested in community development. In a truly community-friendly effort, you can download the entire book for free and share and modify it under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Non-Commercial license.


Marty Stepp, UWs Rapping Lecturer

Aerial view of the University of Washington ca...
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Monica Guzman Geek of the Week: Marty Stepp, UW’s rapping lecturer

After a brief hiatus, Geek of the Week is back with a rapping computer science lecturer from the University of Washington.

Read the full article HERE

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