On The Bench: Google AIY Voice & Raspberry Pi

Setup my recently arrived Google AIY/Voice Project and am busy going about customizing the interface.  Short a MicroSD card but Amazon will fix that soon enough.


Note:  Enjoying the Linux nature of Raspberry Pi as well as all the Python tools and use.  Clearly a Confluence Project.

Recreate the Hack from Sneakers


From Lifehacker.com

If simply popping into the command line isn’t enough to make you feel like a ‘90s hacker, GitHub user bartobri created a silly decrypting text effect pulledfrom the movie Sneakers.

Once you install the tools, you can manually run any command you want through the decryption effect. You can also just type sneakers into the Terminal for an exact reproduction of the movie scene. Silly? Sure, but we could all use a cool decryption animation in Terminal every once in a while. You’ll find install guides for a variety of different operating systems over on GitHub.

From bartobri

No More Secrets

“No More Secrets” is the name I’ve lovingly given to the infamous “decrypting text” effect seen on screen in the 1992 hacker movie Sneakers. If you are unfamiliar with the effect, it can be seen at 0:35 in this youtube video.

This project provides tools to recreate this effect in your projects.

Open MailTo Links from Twitter in Gmail

Step 1: Open your Gmail account.

First, go to Gmail. After it loads, you’ll see this icon called the “Protocol Handler” in the browser address bar.  

Step 2: Click “Allow” in the window that pops up.

Now click the “Protocol Handler” and a window will pop up. When it does, clickAllow, then Done

Get the Old Chrome Bookmark Manager Back

From Techdows

Chrome now features a fancy new bookmark manager and interface that’s all about thumbnails. If you’re not a fan, here is a flag you can switch to go back to the old interface.

Getting the old interface back is easy:

  1. Head to chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment
  2. Change the setting to “Disabled” and click “Relaunch Now”

That’s it, when Chrome reopens, you’ll be back to the old view.