On The Bench: Google AIY Voice & Raspberry Pi

Setup my recently arrived Google AIY/Voice Project and am busy going about customizing the interface.  Short a MicroSD card but Amazon will fix that soon enough. https://aiyprojects.withgoogle.com/ Note:  Enjoying the Linux nature of Raspberry Pi as well as all the Python tools and use.  Clearly a Confluence Project.

Recreate the Hack from Sneakers

https://github.com/bartobri/no-more-secrets From Lifehacker.com If simply popping into the command line isn’t enough to make you feel like a ‘90s hacker, GitHub user bartobri created a silly decrypting text effect pulledfrom the movie Sneakers. Once you install the tools, you can manually run any command you want through the decryption effect. You can also just type […]

Get the Old Chrome Bookmark Manager Back

From Techdows Chrome now features a fancy new bookmark manager and interface that’s all about thumbnails. If you’re not a fan, here is a flag you can switch to go back to the old interface. Getting the old interface back is easy: Head to chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment Change the setting to “Disabled” and click “Relaunch Now” That’s […]