Moodle Automated Backup Problems

I am back to troubleshooting, yet again, the problem of Moodle backups taking forever and a day. An actual day, for very small courses. A second problem occurring with the automated backups is that the old backups are not being purged so the file system is filling up with them rather than purging/pruning them. I […]

Tiny Tiny RSS: Building my own RSS Reader

I finally setup my TinyTinyRSS server following the guidelines on LifeHacker outlined in this article.  The original plan, when Google Reader shut down, was to have my own RSS server and not be beholden to someone disappearing. Next on the list is to find a bookmarking tool that wouldn’t go away. While I have the […]

Replacing Surname with Last Name in Moodle 3.1.1+

This is a post recommending utilizing Moodle menus as opposed to writing your own code.  If you prefer to customize your site in a manner that upgrading becomes nigh on impossible, please, do so without leaving a comment or reading further. I had an amusing time reading the posts of folks who have hacked the […]

error/invalidrestorefile Errors Trying to Restore a Course in Moodle

I am running Moodle 3.1 (Build: 20160609); however, none of that matters.  I had errors restoring files as I reset my system for the next academic year which I do immediately before they send me packing for the summer season.  I got it to work last Friday but on Monday decided to start again from […]