2011 Summer Reading List

10 Essential Books for Thought-Provoking Summer Reading , by Maria Popova, The Atlantic is where I have decided to start my summer reading list.  I like the idea of these books.  Now I need someone to send me the Amazon $ as many of these are not available in my local library.  Or send me a Kindle loan for 14 days.  Thanks.

Everything from cutting-edge scientific ideas to a new philosophy of learning to art that honors living in the moment

4470545900_5c0ee7c883_o_wideB.jpgMemorial Day weekend has come, which means summer has officially begun. And what’s summer without a good summer reading list? So here it is–a cross-disciplinary selection of the 10 most essential cognitive fertilizers for a season of creative and intellectual growth. (Want more? Don’t hesitate to revisit last year’s list, full of timeless gems to catch up on.)

There are countless more links in the article, even links to TED talks about the books (I have the list attached so I don’t forget it three years from now) …