Turn your Ubuntu Desktop into a Video Studio



1. AvideMux

Avidemux is a simple video editor which is extensively used for video applications in Ubuntu. You can cut ,filter and encode your video task. It has support for AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF as it has pretty much codecs bundled.

2. CinePaint

Cinepaint is a very useful and user friendly video editing application which supports 8 , 16 bit and 32 bit color channels. It is also used for retouching motion pictures frame by frame with features like wire background plates, rig removal, dirt removal, render repair and painting 3D model textures.

3. Cinelerra

How can I ever miss this one? Well, Cinelerra is yet another free Ubuntu app which can do capturing, compositing,  and editing of audio and video files with sample level accuracy.

4. Kino

Kino has got some excellent features. It features great integration with IEEE-1394 for capturing videos, VTR control and recording back to the camera and allows to load multiple video clips to save to an edit decision list. Kenu also supports a wide variety of file types and you can easily export your finished stuff in whatever format you wish!

5. Jahsakha

Jahsakha is a great tool which allows to add effects and animation in real time with unlimited features. The real attraction is the sheer ease and flexibility!

6. Slideshow Creator

Slideshow Creator can create DVD quality slide shows with some stunning effects like ken burns, pan and  animated transitions. Adding a musical soundtrack playing in the background will have a really cool result!

7. Lives

Lives is a great integrated tool which mixes up non linear editing and real time video performance in one application. Lives starts editing video without being bothered about the formats, frame sizes and frame rates. It comes bundled with pretty cool features

8. Vivia

Vivia is a very efficient and easy editing of clips and transitions with Multi-cam edit mode and Support for multiple scenes in a single movie project.

9. KDEnlive

KDEnlive is a free open source video editor for Linux that supports variety of file formats and a wide range of camcorders and cameras.

10. FFmpeg

FFmpeg is yet another open source command line tool. It is a video editor converter for Linux which records, converts and stream audio and video files.