Installing WiFi with Fedora 24 on HP ProBook 6570b

I have a HP ProBook 6570b as my work machine and while installing Cinnamon and Fedora 24 I found myself challenged to get WiFi working with the Broadcom WiFi adapter. How did I solve it?  Well, there were two likely methods that really are the same method, installing the WiFi drivers from the HP Support […]

First Step After Using Fedup To Install Fedora 21

The primary problem this post addresses is removing old versions of the Kernel as Grub is apparently not booting the version it is visually confirming that it is booting. The details are that on my first three Fedora 21 installations I used FedUp to upgraded existing Fedora installations with some unusual but simple to fix […]

Why Owncloud was Build and Made OpenSource

  "Open source is the only option for file storage that is really safe and secure.,” says ownCloud Founder Frank Karlitschek. Frank Karlitschek is founder of ownCloud and maintainer of the project’s general architecture. There I was, 4 years ago (this past January) at CampKDE in San Diego, giving a talk on data privacy, warning […]

Configuring NFS Server on Fedora 18

I find that I often need to remember the steps to configuring NFSv4 on Fedora.  Note that under Fedora 18, nfs-utils may already installed depending on the options you select. [root@master ~]# yum -y install nfs-utils [root@master ~]# vi /etc/idmapd.conf # line 5: uncomment and change to your domain name Domain = [root@master ~]# […]