First Step After Using Fedup To Install Fedora 21

The primary problem this post addresses is removing old versions of the Kernel as Grub is apparently not booting the version it is visually confirming that it is booting.

The details are that on my first three Fedora 21 installations I used FedUp to upgraded existing Fedora installations with some unusual but simple to fix problems as a result.  The original installations were Fedora 20 and Fedora 19 so the issue seems to be within the Fedora 21 ecosystem.  While the problems were different on all machines, depending on the services the servers provided, and my primary Linux workstation, the fix was to remove old versions of the Kernel.

I used the following steps

1. Check Installed Kernels

rpm –q kernel

2.  Delete / Remove Old Kernels

yum install yum-utils

package-cleanup –-oldkernels –-count=1