One Cool Screenlet To Get You Started



If you are like me you haven’t used Screenlets on Ubuntu yet, what you need is one great one to get you sucked into the warp drive and get started.  Screenlets are an excellent application to experiment with. And there are lots of useful third party user contributed screenlets available for free. Here is the one to I am suggesting to get you started, a Wallpaper Clock Screenlet

Install Screenlets Manager

Before getting started, you need to install screenlets manager first. It is available in the default ubuntu repositories. Just search for ‘screenlets’ in Ubuntu Software Center or simply do the following in terminal.

sudo apt-get install screenlets

Now, you can access screenlets manager from Applications – Accessories – Screenlets. It consists of a good number of screenlets as default. Lets start reviewing useful user contributed screenlets available among others.

Wallpaper Clock Screenlet

Wallpaper clocks are incredible and if you haven’t ever tried them before, this one is great, although any will really jazz up your screen.