Summertime: Things To Do After Installing Fedora 15

It is finally summer and I recently updated my workstations and servers to Fedora 15.  All that are not awaiting new hardware.  I use both Gnome and LXDE and I scour the Internet for articles such as 20 Things to do after installing Fedora 15 for tips.

These articles are great starters, but not to be adhered to religiously.  For example I have already covered that I disagree with items such as #3 on this list.  Learn the new command and see if the designers might have a point when they change things.  I am not suggesting that this is the case, but there are so many ShortCuts to learn, that one perhaps should learn some of the important ones.

The one I was after was #8, Show Date on Top Panel; however, no luck with the command as written.  Hmmm, otherwise, some I do, and some I am not interested in pursuing at present.  Rats, will have to continue to chase the Show Date on Top Panel through Google.


That was silly, the same command actually works, apparently the copy and paste did not.  Thanks to Musings of an OS plumber for the quick lesson on gsettings.  That was a lot of work just to see the date, but I did click more than three times on the calendar and it was either learn how to change this on Gnome 3 or end up in Kansas.