Configuring NFS Server on Fedora 18



I find that I often need to remember the steps to configuring NFSv4 on Fedora.  Note that under Fedora 18, nfs-utils may already installed depending on the options you select.

[root@master ~]# yum -y install nfs-utils

[root@master ~]# vi /etc/idmapd.conf

# line 5: uncomment and change to your domain name

Domain =

[root@master ~]# vi /etc/exports

# write like below *note

# *note
/home ⇒ shared directory ⇒ range of networks NFS permits accesses
rw ⇒ writable
sync ⇒ synchronize
no_root_squash ⇒ enable root privilege
no_all_squash ⇒ enable users’ authority

[root@master ~]# systemctl start rpcbind.service

[root@master ~]# systemctl start nfs-server.service

[root@master ~]# systemctl start nfs-lock.service

[root@master ~]# systemctl start nfs-idmap.service

[root@master ~]# systemctl enable rpcbind.service

[root@master ~]# systemctl enable nfs-server.service

[root@master ~]# systemctl enable nfs-lock.service

[root@master ~]# systemctl enable nfs-idmap.service

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