50 Things a Geek Should Know [Infographic]

In days of yore, it was easy to spot a geek. We were the ones inside on a sunny day indulging our unfashionable obsessions to the detriment of our social standing. Now, thanks to the arrival of “geek chic”, what would once result in ridicule is now considered “really cool”. So, to separate the programmers…… Continue reading 50 Things a Geek Should Know [Infographic]

Movies as code – Free your coding mind…

What would movies look like if they were entered as code?  Movies As Code has an answer. "Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself." Morpheus, The Matrix Raiders of the Lost Ark

Geek Clock

From GeekCook comes this clock for Geeks.  If you haven’t used Google Translate, install the Google Toolbar, turn on Translate and translate this Chinese site into English.  The translation will get you through a purchase; however, you will spot the challenges in translating a web page.  Think what ThinkGeek would look like translated by Google…… Continue reading Geek Clock