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  • On The Bench: DNSMasq as a DNS Forwarder and DHCP Server

    I have been pondering DNS resolution on small networks to solve problems that I am having with resolving name requests.  I wanted something simple, lightweight, tested, opensource.  I have dd-wrt and it uses DNSMasq and I find that will service my DHCPd needs, give me a dynamic naming interface, is well aware of the Windows…

  • Grsync or Read The Man Pages = Ouch!



    Grsync is a GUI front end to rsync for your Gnome desktop. You can install Grsync by issuing the following command in Terminal: sudo apt-get install grsync Once installed, you will find Grsync listed under Applications > System tools. If you are like me, this makes setting up rsync commands a lot easier.  Now if I can…