Ubuntu Repositories and Proxy Repositories



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This is an screencast by Alan Pope of the Ubuntu Repositories which is a great overview for someone not familiar with all the options of Repositories.  Alan refers to a later screencast and I hope he covers the routine matter of setting up a local proxy for the home user, or single classroom teacher, who had multiple Ubuntu machines and would like to have them update extremely quickly.

Having mentioned it, now I will need to cover it. Simply put you add a file in the /etc/apt/apt.conf directory numbered appropriately.  I use 00proxy to put it first.  In the proxy configuration file you put the following script line Acquire::http { Proxy “http://localhost:3142”;}; for the master repository.  For all the machines which need to utilize this machine as the local repository to check for already downloaded updates you simply switch localhost to the ip address of the master repository machine.  Well Alan, it would make a great part of the advanced screencast.