Pianobar Console Client for Pandora



I use a lot of older machines for this and that activity and along with using Fluxbox for a lightweight Windows Manager or XFCE as a lightweight Desktop Manager I am always watching my System Monitor to see what else I can offload to lighten the load or increase the responsiveness of my computer.

Yesterday I noticed the CPU fan was stuck on high as Pandora running inside Chrome had managed to consume all the CPU and Memory in the machine AND it was paused waiting for me to tell it I was “Still Listening”.  This one due.

Enter Pianobar which I loaded from the Ubuntu Software Center for ease (and to stop saying Synaptic Package Manager, for no reason at all) of installation.  While it doesn’t support signing up for a Pandora account, it does everything else and the load on the CPU and the memory is absolutely negligible.  Just a reminder for me that the Command Line is indeed a good place to remember.

Try it and have a great time keeping your machine buzzing at top performance, of course, you will miss the cute ads and album covers, and I am not sure if I can click LIKE/DISLIKE to tune, but for normal use it is sweet.