Using Dual Monitors with Dual Computers

I have setup a nice working dual monitor setup on the basement workbench.  The key to this one is I am using Dual Computers and Dual Operating systems and yet only one keyboard and mouse.  Using the latest release of Synergy stimulated by this recent article from LifeHacker I went back and setup Synergy.  The last time I used it was when I didn’t have this setup on the bench and although it worked fine I simply couldn’t see my way to using it.  Now with copy and paste across systems as well as the need to put both operating systems into play, often at the same time, I am finding it much more useful and productive.  I am already relocating the positions to fully dual instead of simply using one as primary and secondary.  I am already saving time with it.  Now all I have to decide is which one is going to stream audio.