VPN Testing



Based on the Lifehacker article, partially reprinted below, I am going to start testing VPN access using Private Internet Access to see what I can get setup with my routers and configuration.

Private Internet Access

PCMag Screen Capture

Private Internet Access is one of our favorite VPN service providers, and based on the number of nominations they picked up, they’re one of yours as well. PIA is one of those VPN service providers that both protects your privacy and security by encrypting all of the traffic between your home computer (or home network) and their service, but also anonymizes it and helps you get around regional content restrictions by giving you a choice of exit servers (close to 1000, in 10 different countries.) PIA doesn’t log data about your session or connection details, they don’t discriminate against protocols or IP addresses, and they don’t host any data about its users activities at all. They support a number of different authentication and encryption methods, support virtually every mobile and desktop operating system, and their pricing isn’t bad either ($7/mo or $40/yr for up to five devices connected simultaneously.) P

PIA has made the list every time Torrentfreak looked into privacy protecting VPN providers, and picked up an Editors Choice award from PCMag. Those of you who chimed in in the nominations thread noted that they also provide connectivity options for your home router so you can stay constantly connected, connect to your home network when you’re away, or customize your solution. Many of you praised their customer support and technical expertise. Read more in the nominations thread here.


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