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  • Forensic SysAdmin

    I had to adjust the default mail on a Moodle system that I switched from one domain to another. I changed it last in August of 2015 and apparently forgot how it worked. So today I am going to mention that forensic sysadmin work, or finding configuration files is a real challenge. Yes, I have…

  • On The Bench: Google AIY Voice & Raspberry Pi

    Setup my recently arrived Google AIY/Voice Project and am busy going about customizing the interface.  Short a MicroSD card but Amazon will fix that soon enough. https://aiyprojects.withgoogle.com/ Note:  Enjoying the Linux nature of Raspberry Pi as well as all the Python tools and use.  Clearly a Confluence Project.

  • Another Great Way to Learn Linux

    via Mashable Linux Foundation Or edX Course If you’d like to get a formal introduction to Linux, there’s no better way than to take part in the Introduction to Linux course presented by the Linux Foundation or the version provided via edX. In this course, you’ll learn all the basics you should know to become…

  • Unsung Heroes of Linux



    From Carla Schroder, here, on Linux.com comes a multi-part series entitled the Unsung Heroes of Linux.  What caught my eye was the inclusion of Lady Ada whose products I have purchased starting soon after she started selling them as my son found them, and the Linux Wireless project, which, for those of us with early…

  • INFOGRAPHIC : The History Of Linux



      Today’s infographic comes from BlogSearchEngine and it shows the history of Linux, starting in 1971 with Richard Stallman who would go on to set up the Free Software Foundation.  Later would come the operating system called MINIX and in 1989, the Finnish student Linus Torvalds wanted to upgrade MINIX and, finding he was barred…